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MFF '07

Let the flood of con reports begin!

This was a very social con for me. I basically just wanted to hang out and talk with folks. To that end, it was a huge success. In terms of doing con things, it was a complete failure. Did it matter? Not a bit. I never set paw in the Dealer's Den. I didn't attend a single panel. I fursuited only a couple of times. I didn't even have a real room party. And yet this was a fantastic con for me.

Working con suite was a joy. Like I wrote in my last post, the sushi dinner will hopefully go down in furry con history as one of the most awesome free dinners ever provided. My most memorable con moment was spending over 2 hours in a hotel bathroom cooking up 6 batches of stir fry. People kept coming in and thanking me for providing such an delicious meal. I could hear the gasps of excitement as people saw the table full of various rolls. It also made me happy to hear that people who had never tried sushi before finally had a chance to try it. And they loved it! I also have to thank Rorydog for keeping the bear happy by keeping my cup filled with Makers Mark and Coke.

As I have written in the past, I love being the host. I love to provide food and entertainment for folks and making sure they are having a good time. Con suite suits me to a T. We had an incredible staff of gophers and helpers who kept things running smoothly. There were only a few brief moments of drama, but they were quickly dealt with. Everyone also knew exactly where to find me. There was a nice parade of people that came through the suite to whom I could pass out hugs. Of course con suite is also Fanboi Central since that's where all of the furs with no money end up to get served all of their meals, but I can even tolerate that. So if Kitty and I are asked to do it again next year, I guess we'll be gluttons for punishment and do it. Maybe we'll have to do something like smoked salmon since the theme will be "North to Alaska."

Other memorable moments of the con included running around the lobby of the hotel with Kitty dressed as Daisy and Donald Duck. I was Daisy. We broke many furs' minds with that. I can't say how many times we heard, "OH! MY! GOD!" or "That's just wrong!!!" I also had fun running around as Bad Bunny last night. It was soooo much fun with rustitobuck joining me in his Sully suit. With me in pink and he in blue, we looked like we belonged in a nursery from Hell. Even a very drunk Wookie in his taun taun suit was traumatized by us.

And that's about the extent of my report. I managed to talk to a lot of folks which was wonderful. I bonded with folks and strengthened friendships. I enjoyed nice long mellow buzzes. I even had some nice yiff. So who could ask for anything more?!? Let's hope that FC will be just as cool!
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