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Home Again

Kitty and I made it safely back to ABQ last night after a 2-day, 22-hour drive from Chicago. It was relatively uneventful except a stop in Amarillo to have a faulty thermostat replaced. And that was no big deal (except for the cost) because we were able to have a nice lunch with my sister. The weather cooperated. We missed the snow that hit the area the day before. Traffic was generally light except for the increased truck traffic on Saturday afternoon.

Thanksgiving was a nice relaxing time. We visited my 2 sets of aunts and uncles on my mom's side and were able to see 6 of my 8 cousins. There was much turkey and my cousin kept my gin and tonic glass nice and full.

Today is "recover from MFF and Thanksgiving" day. Nothing is planned except for maybe a movie on the dvd player or perhaps catching up on old LJ. We also have to re-connect with our pets. They are very needy after we have been gone for so long. I also have to find the weakness in my Mesa Defense. He has found another way to hop over the fence.

Back to the old grindstone tomorrow!
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