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Weekend Stuff

I just had a nice chill weekend. All last week we hosted skitzycat who was in town for medical reasons and shimmerfox who came up to be with her mate. While it's slightly stressful to have folks staying with us, it's very heartening to be able to provide fellow furry friends a place to stay when the need arises. I managed to get the Christmas tree up which I think is a record for getting it up this early. Yes, it is once again a very furry tree with animal ornaments everywhere! I could try taking pics, but they just don't do it justice.

On Saturday we hosted a furmeet to say good-bye to thipher_84 who will be leaving to New Zealand in a couple of weeks. I hope the few Kiwis on my list give him a warm welcome when he gets down there. There was a great turnout for the meet. All of the usual suspects showed up, and much fun was had. The usual entertainment was provided between Tetris Attacks in the guest bedroom, and movies in the living room including "Queer Duck" and "Ratatouille." People brought so much tasty food that we didn't even have to heat up the Costco lasagna and pizzas we had bought.

and that's about it. Time to go get some tasty Mexican food for lunch.
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