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Holiday Guerilla Fursuiting At It's Finest!

Tis a wonderful time of the year to be a polar bear!

I had plans to fursuit Old Town Albuquerque on Christmas Eve. The plaza is aglow in luminaria (paper bag with a lit candle inside) and there are thousands of people out enjoying the evening. Everyone is filled with Christmas joy and many folks have cameras. Families LOVE to get a pic with Santa Bear. So I will be out there on Dec 24.

On the news, however, they mentioned that there would be another event to light the city's Christmas tree near the plaza where all of the streets around it would be closed and folks would then be encouraged to shop for gifts in all of the local stores. It sounded like it would be quite the event! A perfect opportunity to get out there and fursuit!

So Kitty and I headed out just after sunset. I parked a few blocks away in a lot I had used a couple of years ago. I suited up in back of the Explorer, and then we hit the crowds! Oh my! It was just like Xmas Eve! For almost 2 hours it was non-stop pictures and hugs! There was such a nice vibe. I made one lap around the plaza before becoming dehydrated. It was then a slow walk back to the vehicle as I was constantly stopped for more pics and hugs.

So another epic fursuiting event! And of course....PICS!

The kids from Cibola High School were so thrilled to see me! I loved getting pics with them although I accidentally betchslapped one with my paw *blushes*

The Singing Cowboy. Not quite the same as Times Square's Naked Cowboy

Many folks were out in their Xmas garb

One of the more appropriately named stores

Bear and bear. There's a shop that sells copper sculptures like this in all sizes. We have a few at Fur Central. What is odd is that they are copper colored. How the bear became green is unknown!

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