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"The Golden Compass" -- A bear's review

It seems that half the folks on my F.L. have seen the movie and have written reviews. Here's my $0.02. First off, no, I had not read the books. I now own them, however, finding the collected works at Costco the other day for $13. So not having the books to compare to the movie, I can say that as a typical fantasy, it did a very good job. I was able to suspend belief and simply enjoy the movie for what it was. My opinions of the movie are heavily furry biased especially since one of the major characters was a totally murrilicious polar bear. I remember seeing early trailers for the movie and feeling somewhat letdown by the quality of the CG animals. Either they cleaned them up in post-production or they looked a whole lot better on the big screen. I was impressed. The plot was slightly convoluted for someone who hadn't read the book, but I'm sure if I watched it again, it would be much clearer. I had also read someone else's review of the movie who stated that the ending was totally unacceptable. On the one paw I can totally agree. Even though it is a trilogy, it shouldn't have had such an abrupt ending.

I was also very happy to see a packed theater. It seems the boycott by the religious right is failing miserably.

So now the big question is, where does Nevada get some sexy armor? ;o)
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