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That Voodoo That You Do

Last night we saw Big Bad Voodoo Daddy in concert. It was another mighty fine concert with just a few complaints that had nothing to do with the band. The concert was at the Sandia Casino which has an awesome outdoor arena, where we saw the B-52's and Pat Benatar earlier in the year, but since it's cold outside (Duh! It's almost Winter!), this concert was held in their ballroom. This sucked since it has a flat floor. Fortunately we were only 8 rows back and right on the aisle. That still didn't help the fact that retards kept showing up throughout the first half of the show and anyone in the aisle blocked your view of the stage. People were constantly getting up and getting drinks or going to the bathroom. It was highly annoying. The sound quality also sucked much ass. I think the same moron that was on the boards for Pat Benatar must have been working this show. Just a word of advice, dude: louder does not mean better! I would rather hear all of the fine nuances of the various instruments instead of a constant blare. The Barenaked Ladies will be there in concert in a couple of weeks. Kitty and I would LOVE to go see them, but at $75 a pop for tickets, to see a show in that venue just would not be worth the money.

The band itself kicked much ass! They are a group of very talented musicians that have been playing together for years. They did a great set of both Christmas and non-Christmas songs with their big band style. They covered all sorts of sub-genres from New Orleans blues to Caribbean swing. They also did a neat cover of Mr Snow Miser/Mr Heat Miser which brought back all sorts of memories of old skool Xmas specials. But which one was it?!? Kitty and I were pulling out our fur trying to remember the name. Thank doG for teh Interaweb! We looked it up and found out it was from "The Year Without A Santa Claus!"

After the show the band came out to the lobby to sign autographs, which we thought was a very cool thing to do. We bought their latest Xmas cd and had them sign it. Neato! All-in-all it was a most enjoyable evening combined with the tasty buffet beforepaw and Kitty winning $100+ on slots courtesy of the casino who gave us all free $10 play for attending the concert.
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