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"No Country For Old Men" --review

This will be a hard review to write since the jury is still out in my own mind as to whether or not this was a brilliant film or just an attempt to make a "non-Hollywood" picture. Then again, I love non-Hollywood flix because they make you think. I detest formulatic cinema where you're presented with 2 characters, one obviously good and one obviously evil. They have conflict, and in the end, good always wins. Nothing is so cut-and-dry in this film. And if I was pissed at the rather abrupt ending in "The Golden Compass," then I should be livid with this film. The theater was buzzing with "WTF?!?" as the credits started to roll. If you like nice clean endings, then you'll hate this movie. My take on the movie is that good and evil will always exist and will continue even after a particular story is over. I will say that Javier Bardem plays a villain on the same level as Anthony Hopkins played Hannibal Lechter. I smell Oscar!
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