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Ghosts of Christmas Eves Past

Christmas Eve was always a special time for me growing up. My parents, sister, and I lived in the downstairs apartment of a 2-story building. My grandmother (mom's mom) lived upstairs. On Christmas Eve my grandmother's 2 sons with their 8 kids would come over and there would be a Polish feast. My uncle would yell at his mother to sit down and join us, but she would be constantly running around making sure everyone had enough food. In the traditional style there would be a "kids' table" off to the side as all of the adults sat at the main table. After dinner there would be presents. After presents everyone would go downstairs to sing carols while my sister played the piano.

That was the way things were for many years. As I said it was a very special time because it was always a feeling of homecoming. There were 10 of us grandkids spaced evenly apart, so someone was always coming home from college. This was the way things always were. The tradition lasted until my grandmother finally died in the late 90's. After that it was hard to all get together for a celebration. Some of my cousins had kids, so they spent time together. My sister and I moved away from the Chicago area, and traveling over the holidays became less and less appealing.

One of the fondest Christmas Eve's I have spent was right after my grandmother died. I had always wanted to spend a Christmas Eve camping. I was living in Yuma at the time, so Winter camping was a breeze. Temps rarely got below 40. And so I slept out under the stars with a 6-pack by my side and soft music on the radio. It was so peaceful being alone out in the desert with a billion stars overhead. It was quite a departure from the noisy, boisterous celebrations I was accustomed to. The next morning I climbed a nearby peak. On the way down I even did a little nekkid hiking. I tried camping on one other occasion, but the weather turned pretty crappy and I went home.

Lately I have a new tradition. Fursuiting! Twice I have donned Nevada and have headed down to Old Town ABQ where the entire plaza are lit with luminaria. Everyone is in such a festive mood and there are cameras everywhere. I shall head down to the plaza again tonight for a little furry festive cheer.

And so to all of you out there in LJ Land, Merry Christmas!
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