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The Bear Who Saved Christmas

Last night I guerrilla fursuited Old Town Plaza for the annual Christmas Eve luminaria display/festival. This was the 3rd time in 4 years that I have done this. It has always been an awesome experience. This year was no exception, AND there was a surprise twist!

Kitty, skitzycat, shimmerfox and I got to Old Town just after sunset. This was earlier than I have suited in the past. The streets were relatively uncrowded, and I was able to maneuver around easily. Almost too easily! Hmmmm. Perhaps the event wasn't going to be as well attended as in the past. WRONG! I was just early. Soon I was getting pounced right and left by folks wanting pictures. At one point I was asked to perform at the gazebo by some guy. Kitty started talking to him and I could hear her rattling off my resume'. I was then escorted up to the gazebo. It seems that the storyteller that was supposed to entertain the crowd had backed out. I was now the entertainment!!!

For almost an hour I posed for pics and passed out hugs and candy canes. Skitzy and Shimmerfox helped with the candy canes while Kitty did pictures and crowd control. It seems that the person who asked me to perform was the special events coordinator for the City! I was now officially sanctioned to perform! Not only that, but I blew him away with my performance. He wants me to get in touch with him after the holidays to talk about other gigs. WHOOT!

A choir showed up that was supposed to perform after the storyteller, so I gave up the gazebo top them. I then headed over to the City's Christmas tree for photo ops. For about another hour I did the whole picture thing. At one point I had a huge line waiting for pics. After about 2 hours in suit I felt I needed a water break very badly, so I called it a night. We eventually made it back to the vehicle after posing for more pics on the way.

So all in all, it was a gig that was more successful than my wildest dreams. After 2 years of hearing things like "Oh! The mayor is doing such wonderful things!" or having a City Councilman pose with his family with you and not getting any contact info, I finally hit the jackpot! Or at least I have the opportunity to do so.


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