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Happy Nude Deer!

What started off as "no big plans for New Year's Eve" ended up as a fullblown furmeet. I think we had about 13 people total including kitcoon who was in the area visiting family. The furmeet was a very fun time because it was one of the few meets where most everyone was drinking and letting their fur down. We collected car keys from everyone who was going to drink and provided crash space for whoever wanted. Kitty made sushi and teriyaki chicken which were big hits. There was lots of beer, wine, champagne, and mojitos. I made it to midnight, but passed out in the recliner soon after. I think I asked every person at some point in the night if they wanted to yiff *lol* I must have downed about 2 liters of wine over the course of the evening. Not much of a hangover this morning, but I have been feeling a bit blah. Illinois' performance in the 1st half of the Rose Bowl isn't helping either. I'm having flashbacks to 1984 when UCLA kicked their ass. Oy! I went to every home game that season and saw them play some awesome football. Seeing the goalposts go down after victories over Michigan and Ohio State was incredible. Northwestern was not happy, however, when Illini fans tore down their goalpost in Evanston. Oh well. Time to go back to the "game."
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