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Calling a 'tard a 'tard

Most people are well aware of the Bucky Rabbit drama that has been going on over the past few days. I have avoided the fray even though it was good friends of mine that were effected. I figured word would spread on its own, and it really started to take on an air of angry villagers with pitchforks and torches. Bucky's name is now worth shit in the fandom and the shunning has been a success.

I have to take drama like this with many grains of salt. As I said, the people involved are friends of mine so I don't doubt their integrity, but what about the next time? What if 2 friends who are lovers suddenly break up. Accusations could fly in both directions. Who would you believe? Who is right or wrong? Perhaps truth lies somewhere in the middle. Should all of the dirty laundry be hung out on LJ? It's a tough call in my book unless both parties have a say.

I guess where this was supposed to go is that I think it's important if a wrong is committed within the furry community, it should be known to all as it was done recently. I get very frustrated when I hear that "Fur X" has done something heinous, but names are not mentioned to prevent drama. Then why did you post it in the first place?!? By not naming names you are casting a wide net of suspicion which could cause more damage than just saying it was "X!"

One of the things that makes the furry fandom a nice place is the openness. We can be who we are and there is a great deal of acceptance. That doesn't mean, however, that bad, hurtful, or criminal behavior should be accepted or tolerated. Granted, my lifestyle might differ from yours a great deal, but there is some basic level where we can all agree on acceptable behavior. If you lie, cheat, steal, hurt, abuse, etc., then you should be called out! If you are the victim, make your case and support it with facts. If you feel you are falsely accused, refute the evidence and make your own case.

I can't believe how blindly people will make opinions one way or another. I saw people lighting torches ready to kill and I saw folks saying that since they had not been affected, we should still accept the accused with open paws.

We all know there are bad apples out there. I think knowledge is power. We have a nice tight-knit group here, but with rapidly expanding membership, it will become harder and harder to monitor who is doing what to whom. So if you're a victim, don't be silent. There's nothing in the "furry code" that says we have to welcome EVERYONE!
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