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FC Big Dinner Out

Kitty and I started hosting "big dinners out" at cons a few years ago. We were inspired by quentincoyote's famous dinners at Iron Chef Morimoto's restaurant when AC was held in Philly. We realized that it was ok to spend $100 or more on a dinner if it was a truly great dining experience.

At subsequent cons Kitty and I have planned dinners for large groups of furs who are not frightened off by spending a little bit of money to have a really nice evening out with fellow "furs with class" *raises pinky* Sometimes the meals are not expensive at all, like when we went to out Buca di Beppo at AC. For the past 2 years at FC we have gone to the Melting Pot in San Jose. If you have never experienced 4 course fondue meal, you really should!

It's so much fun to watch fondue-virgins pig out on bread, fruits, and vegetables dipped in rich cheese and then realize that they had just had the appetizer! Next comes the salad. Then a big plate of uncooked meats and seafood is brought out. You cook your meats in boiling broth then top the cooked meat with a variety of sauces. Most furs are approaching the stuffed point now. I have seen some groups ready to leave SHRIMP on their plates. Oh no! Not allowed! Un-eaten food from one group will most certainly get yoinked by another group. BUT WAIT! We're not finished! Out comes the chocolate fondue with a plate of fruits, cakes, and marshmallows! By the time the plates are cleaned, you're ready to be rolled out the door. I should also mention that they have a wonderful wine list.

So if you're going to FC and want to experience fondue bliss for about $60/person which should cover tax and tip and I believe a non-alcoholic drink (Kitty will correct me if I'm wrong) reserve your space by replying to this post. The time is Thursday night (1/24) at 6:00. For those partaking in that evening's later laser tag event, we should be done by 9. We'll probably be leaving the hotel by 5:30. Parking can be a bitch in downtown, so carpooling is advised. Light rail can also be used, but you need to know the schedule. Here's the addy:
72 South First Street
San Jose, CA 95113
(408) 293-6020
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