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Douche vs Turd Sandwich

Or perhaps Kang vs Kodos would be appropriate as well.

While watching the news last night I got REALLY pissed off. The big story was how Clinton beat out Obama in New Hampshire. They were saying things like, "The deciding factor will be Nevada next week!" Wait. Since when do 3 little piss-ass states determine who will run the entire country?!? No offense if you happen to live in those states, but I mean Iowa ranks 30th in population, New Hampshire ranks 41st, and Nevada ranks 35th. That's 6.4 million people out of a population of something like 300 million! The media is making this a sprint when it should be a marathon. Many people, like myself, are going to feel very disenfranchised if by the time the primary process reaches their state, the choice has already been made.

It just ticks me off that the candidates spent $$$$$ in Iowa just to get some name recognition. I heard a representative from Iowa talking about how they are a good representation of America. Excuse me?!? I'd love to see a pie chart of ethnic diversity of Iowa vs the rest of the country.

There are rumors floating around that Bill Richardson is going to bow out of the race today. That's too bad. I wanted to see him make more of a showing. Once again, I blame the news media. Nobody gives a damn about anybody else but Clinton and Obama. Oh yeah, there's that Edwards guy. *facepaws* How about giving everyone equal time? It will suck A LOT if we elect a president just because she cries and shows emotion.

It also must suck if you're a Republican. The media is happy to just throw up their hands and say, "It's chaos! There's no front runner!" Well, duh! So why don't you report on their positions instead of just playing the numbers game of who is ahead in the polls at the given moment. It sucks that Guliani is getting lambasted for bypassing all of the little primaries and concentrating his effort on where there is a huge population. Isn't the election decided on who has the most votes (2000 not withstanding)?

Here I was hoping this would be an exciting election year with no clear-cut front runner. Perhaps we'd actually get a choice of a whole slate of candidates. It seems that the media doesn't like that. We're being funneled into that corner where we will have to choose between a douche and a turd sandwich. That had to be one of the most relevant South Parks where that was the only choice the kids had to elect a new mascot. Soon we'll have the same choice.
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