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FC Bound

Kitty and I will be hitting the road today for SoCal. After work we'll put about 5 hours between us and ABQ and spend the night in Flagstaff. The weather forecast doesn't show any snow, just low temps that will cause your scrotum to contract back into your body. Tomorrow we will end up at The Domain and chill with albear and dexter_fox. On Sunday is the Doo-Dah Parade! Woohoo! I haven't done a parade in almost 2 years. Looking forward to suiting as Nevada. On Monday we head up to NoCal to spend a few days with Kitty's mom (abd hopefully harvest a lot of tasty avocados!). And then on Wednesday we'll be at the Doubletree! Most of you will probably not recognize me. Look for the fat bear with bright red hair (I call it "kaysho Red"). My beard and mustache are gone, so don't use that as a visual clue.

I plan on doing a lot of chillin' so I hope to hang out with as many folks as possible. I can't say whether there will be room parties or not, but with Al and Dex sharing a room, you know there will be lots of alcohol at all times of the day. I intend to have a drink in my paw at every conceivable moment.

Don't forget the Melting Pot on Thursday evening! Please have cash in paw. If you whip out a credit card, I will swipe it up your butt crack. $60 should cover everything except alcohol.

Since I have my wi-fi card, there may be a few updates/posts from the road. Technology is wonderful that I can take a picture and upload it to the Net within a matter of minutes. I might try that just to say that I did. Anyway...I'll try to keep up with LJ during the down times, but we'll see. To those going, SEE YOU THERE! To those not going, maybe I'll see you at FWA in a month.
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