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Postin' from the Mojave

Well, I said I was going to geek out, so here it is! Another 75 MPH post from the middle of the Mojave Desert just west of Needles. This morning in Flag it was about 4 degrees. Just west of town it dropped to -3. Right now, some 4 hours later, it's a balmy 54. I'm having fun geeking out while Kitty does a bit of driving. I'm trying out my new handheld GPS. So far so good, but it's not recognizing my 4 gig memory card on which I downloaded maps for most of the West. Oh well. Time to email customer support. Anyway, we should be in LA in a few hours. We're taking a slightly different route so I can show Kitty some of the backroads of the Mojave that I discovered while living in Yuma. If you don't hear from us, we're coyote food. ;oP
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