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Geeking 101 and Other Doo Dahs

No, this isn't a primer on geeking out. I simply use that title because I am geeking out while cruising up the 101 towards San Jose.

We had a most excellent weekend with our awesome hosts, Albear and Dexter Fox. I marched in my 5th parade on Sunday, the famous Doo Dah Parade in Pasadena! I might be a bit of a fursuit snob, but I must say that you haven't had your fursuiting mettle tested until you have marched in a parade. The energy of the crowd is usually enough to keep you trudging along. We had an absolute blast! Hopefully some videos will show up on YouTube in the upcoming weeks. I'll post some pics in a day or so. In all there were 9 of us suiters and a troupe of handlers. We were pelted with marshmallows and tortillas which I guess is a Doo Dah tradition. The temp was very comfortable in the upper 60's/lower 70's. We worked the crowds along the route and had a ball hamming it up. The route wasn't all THAT long, but by the time we walked back to the vehicles, I was pretty bushed. Hopefully it will be held the same weekend next year and we can get more FC-goers to come out to the con early to also join in the parade!
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