Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

FC '08 Brief Con Report

Kitty and I made it back to ABQ yesterday safely. We skirted 2 storms to slide in relatively unscathed. There sure were a lot of big rigs flipped over all over the place, however. The news tonight is also reporting that I-40 is closed once again. *facepaws*

So what can I say about FC '08? It was a very good time. There was lots of time to just chill and hang out with friends. The "Big Dinner Out" at the Melting Pot on Thursday was a big success. It sucks having to worry about meeting the reservation and getting everyone there, but once the dinner is over and everyone has a smile on their face and a big, extended belly, it makes everything worthwhile.

The only other big moment of the con was Furry Night Live. Kitty and I were 2nd and 3rd in charge with yippee as the lead. Everything went scarily smoothly. While I would love to accept the credit, I must say that the level of professionalism by ALL of the performers is what really made the whole thing work. I had told several people who were nervous after the 1st rehearsal that no matter how badly it seemed to suck, it always came off in the end. I was once again proved correct. Everyone knew their cues. The A/V was about as flawless as it could be. And the stage ninjas kicked so much ass! Never before has an FNL come off so smoothly! It started on time and ended early! Thank you to all of the performers who made it happen! like I said, we were just there to herd cats and you wonderful felines were all in a row!

I had a little meltdown around Saturday during the con. I was constantly torn between doing too much and doing too little. Should I stay in my room and have the con come to me or should I go mingle and experience the con on its terms? Should I find a few close friends and have some intimate moments with or should I surround myself with big crowds? Should I do more programming or should I just wing it? I suddenly felt detached from the whole furry community. Why was I here? Why was I doing this? But like last year where I had a little furry epiphany when I saw fursuiters sitting in the techno giraffe I had another clarifying moment this year. I wandered into the fursuit dance wearing my open-faced Bad Bunny suit. Suddenly there was a circle forming around a few suiters and a few non-suiters who were tearing up the dancefloor. One was my good friend leo_tiger. It just made me so happy to see people out there having a great time. I felt like I did belong there. I also realized that once again I could not be everywhere at everytime. I just had to make the most of the moment I was in. I am who I am. I am a fursuiter with different skillz than a lot of suiters, but that's ok! We all have our talents and niches! Exploit them and have the time of your life!

I also realized that I can't hang out with everyone I want to in a con environment. There are lots of people I had wanted to hang out with that I didn't and there are lots of folks I had wanted to meet and didn't. Such is life! If you're here on my friends list, I still love ya and if I never met ya, I still want to!

I didn't spend a lot of time in the Dealer's Den either this con, but that was perfectly o.k. The best purchase I made was out in the hallway. My friends djmermaid and jovino of Bunnywarez had some great merchandise this year and I picked up a wonderful fox sleeper for me and a leopard one for Kitty. So comfy! Yes, I won a couple of piece in the art show, but they were no big deal.

So that's my abbreviated con report for FC '08. I'll definitely be back next year. Hopefully I'll be popping open cans of Schlitz with albear at 9 a.m. again. Hopefully there will be an awesome furry vibe that can saturate your very soul. Hopefully there will be a lobby full of friends that I can just kick back and yerf with for hours on end. And hopefully there will be a few good friends who wouldn't mind hanging out with the bear in both the literal and figurative sense of "hanging out." FC '08? 2 paws way up!
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