Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

"Cloverfield" -- review

I have been intrigued by this movie ever since I saw the trailer online a few months ago. I think I commented that it looked like "Godzilla" meets "The Blair Witch Project." For all intents and purposes, I was correct. The big question would be would it be a pretty decent thriller or another Hollywood p.o.s. monster movie. I am pleased to say that I thought it was much more the former than the latter. Was it a great movie? Oh heck no. Did it entertain? Most certainly!

I like the concept of a first-person horror/thriller. I was not thrilled that they would be using a handycam to get that "real" look, but we sat far enough back as to not get motion sickness. I also like the idea of the main characters having no idea what is going on. That was the only thing I liked about the p.o.s. remake of "War of the Worlds." To me having as much information as the people in the movie, adds to the terror or drama. I'm tired of sci-fi movies where some talking head scientist of military person gives us all a nice expose' of all that is known about the alien/creature/disease/whatever.

So here is my detailed review without any spoilers.
The bad:
I really didn't care all that mush about the main characters. They were all a bunch of trendier-than-thou, hip, young New Yorkers. The opening party scene has more drama and angst than Livejournal! It might be even too much for MySpace! *lol* The big "thumbs down" from me comes from the very fact that it was filmed as a first-person experience. It takes a lot to pull this off and I doubt it will be done very well in any movie. I kept asking myself, "Would I be filming this?!?" If I had a camcorder and there was a monster attacking me, would I be filming or would I be dropping the camera and kicking some ass to save my life?!? How pissed would you be if you were talking to someone and they had a camera in front of their face the entire time? Perhaps I'm getting old and that's how the YouTube Generation operates. I just don't see people filming every single aspect of their life. If the Army was launching missiles at a mammoth monster a few hundred yards from me, yeah, I might be filming that from under a car while shitting myself at the same time.

The good:
There were several moments in the film that truly worked in terms of getting my blood pressure up. That's very rare for me in a horror/terror type movie. I usually yawn in such movies as "Silent Hill," "The Grdudge," or "The Ring." There were a few scenes in this film that had me on the edge of my seat. Unfortunately I was wishing that they would switch to a 3rd person format so that I could witness more of what was going on. As mentioned earlier, I loved the sense of chaos in that nobody knew WTH was going on. We have all now witnessed what happens during a 9/11 or a Katrina. How would YOU react if suddenly your world was turned upside-down? To me that is the base for great drama. I just wish that the drama in this movie was a bit more...well...dramatic. I give it 2 out of 4 paws up.

Oh yeah! We also saw the trailer for the upcoming movie "10,000 B.C." Holy crap! That looks like a whole supertanker full of fail! They have a friggin' velociraptor in it!!!! *headdesks repeatedly*
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