Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

My Civic Duty

So the NM Dems held their primary today. Yes, I voted. I was happy to see that there was a huge line to vote when I arrived at 4:00. It was good to see so many people wanting their voice to be heard and it was refreshing to see that there so many Dems living out here in what I would consider Republican territory. I must bitch-slap the state Democratic Party, however, for being so unprepared for today's turnout. They thought very few people would show up, and they were sadly mistaken. There are tales all over the area of people waiting hours to cast ballots. I could tell that the couple of people behind the table at my polling place were a few apples short of a dozen. *facepaws* They were all volunteers and they were all woefully under-prepared. Too bad they didn't have enough sense to make some improvements on their own.

So who did the bear vote for? Obama. My 1st choice would have been Richardson followed by Edwards. But since both are out of the race, I chose the one that would most inspire the country. I see a momentum behind Obama that reminds me of the vibe people talked about in the Kennedy era. I think out country needs that at this period. I like Clinton's experience, but I think she's too tied into the D.C. system to institute real change.

I'm also a bit racist. I want Obama to win so that a lot of black people will have to STFU that whitey is keeping them down. You have no excuse that you're poor, uneducated, and unemployed. A black man has just made it to the highest position in this country. You don't have to dream about becoming a rapper or a basketball player, you can become president! Oh! But you need a brain and you need to be articulate. Maybe you'll realize that it's NOT necessarily the color of the skin that's keeping you down, but that you're ignorant and offensive. I totally agree with Chris Rock. I have nothing against black people. I just hate niggers.
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