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Donkey Punch!

It's a Friday fluff post! Let's have some fun!

There are a lot of very bizarre sexual terms out there. I first heard about "donkey punches" and "dirty sanchez" in an episode of Retarded Animal Babies". Then I got the very graphic definitions of them in the movie "The Aristocrats", the movie about the dirtiest joke known to man. At FC this year, I was told about a "Strawberry Shortcake" which made me almost wet my pants from laughing so hard. albear and I joked about "Manhattan Transfers" during one of our room parties. So what other wonderful terms do we have out there for bizarre and unusual sexual practices? Inquiring (and filthy) minds want to know!

Hopefully I got these right. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Kitty and I joke about giving each other donkey punches, but it's a G-rated slug in the arm. A true donkey punch is when you punch your sex partner, whom you have mounted, as hard as you can into the back of their head/neck at the moment of orgasm. This causes them to tense up thus enhancing your orgasm.

Dirty/Filthy Sanchez: After you fuck someone in the ass, you take your shit-covered dick out of your partner, and wipe it on their upper lip, giving them a nice mustache. I think you can also stick your finger up their butt if you're doing a female and do the same thing.

Strawberry shortcake: I know I'm missing something, but I remember your spooge all over your partners face and then punch them in the nose.

Manhattan Transfer: You go butt to butt with your partner and take a dump into each other's behind.

Yeah. I'm a sick little monkey. Or more correctly, the world is a sick and twisted place, and I am a happy man. Have a great weekend!
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