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"Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation 2008"

A bunch of us got together last night and saw the above-listed movie. Once again it was a sold-out house at our local alternative theater. There was lots of great animation, some with furry themes. I wish I had brought paper and pencil so I could have written down more of the names. Last year there was a flier that listed the movies. There was no such thing this year. Once again I am pissed at some of the animators who don't provide web access to their work. Come on! You're fresh out of art school/film school! You need exposure! You should WANT to have your work viewed as many times as possible to gain notoriety. But noooooooo! You make it nearly impossible to find your stuff, or if you do post it, you only post a short clip. What are you thinking?!? Do you plan on making lots of money selling a dvd? Good luck with that! It's kind of like some furry artists who plaster "COPYWRITED!" across the art they post. OK. I don't want to start a flame war about that. I'm here to talk about sick and twisted videos.

One of my favorites was a Lego version of Grand Theft Auto. There is a similar version on YouTube, but it's not the same as what was shown. The one on YouTube is ok, but the S&M (Spike & Mike) was better

One of my other favorites was "Penguin on the Left" Wonderfully bizarre and furry.

There was a new episode of "Chirpy" which was very twisted in that horse cum made people younger. There was horse spoo flying everywhere! I can't find the new episode, but the original "Chirpy" can be found here It's VERY bizarre and you need to just watch it for a bit. Alcohol and/or drugs would help greatly.

I was also turned on to a web series called "Rats on Cocaine". This is up there with "Retarded Animal Babies" and "Happy Tree Friends" for WTF?!?! animal animation. The episode that was shown was #5, "Pregnant." It's ALL sorts of WRONG!!!

Another wonderfully twisted piece of animation was "Frog". If you're a vorephile, you'll love it!

Yes, there was an episode of "Happy Tree Friends" called "Can't Stop Coffin." Here is a link to YouTube, but for some strange reason they put the wrong dialog in it. That sucks!

Yes, there was also a Dr Tran as well. It was "Dr Tran's Summer Splash."

There was another video from Lone Sausage Studios called "The Furious Little Cinnamon Bun," but only part of it is available online. Here's the abbreviated clip.

One of the more serious entries was one called "Yellow Sticky Note." It was a wonderful piece, but here is a case where the artist is too good to post his work. You can't embed his VERY short YouTube clip and his website has no reference to this film. Nice going! And he has a very cute anthro bunny too. Such a shame. HERE is a link to the YouTube clip.

Oh yes. Once again they showed the classic George Washington"

The only other very memorable movie was "Ron the Zookeeper." Once again the artist is too good to post the film online. Let's just say that it involved feeding a rare grey panda a HUGE amount of Viagra and then pawing him off. It contains the classic line of a little boy saying, "Why did the panda shoot ice cream all over me?!?"

I guess you'll just have to go see Spike and Mike for yourself.

Thanks to Kate, who also attended last night's show. Here are 2 more links to amazing animations!
"We Live On Your Street"
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