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Quite a day!

This is turning out to be quite the day! I started out doing my usual volunteer work at Wildlife West. I got to give skritches to the raccoons, bobcat, elk, deer, and of course the mountain lions. As I had mentioned in an earlier post, I was bummed that I wasn't fursuiting this weekend. Well, when I get back to the office, the mananger asks me if I going to be the bear tomorrow for their little building dedication. Cool! Not too much later there was a mini LJ meet with stoda and emberflowers. It was so cool to finally meet the Purple Dragoness!"

I would also like to extend a warm LJ welcome to tenax a.k.a. Ratman, a.k.a. Jason, a.k.a. a whole bunch of RP names! Glad to get you onboard.

ursuscal was happy that I used his example of "As seen on..." in my ALF posts (his moment of fame was on a BBC show about furry, mine was a brief showing on "Jimmy Kimmel Live"). I might have to also adopt his expression "The Yiff Beast of..." Man oh man! I just felt wayyy to yiffy online last night. Granted, it's all good, but I'm gonna soon be known as the Slutty Bear of the Southwest. It's just another phase in my furry transition I suppose. I have to look back and reflect today since it was 6 months ago today that I officially openly declared furry by posting my furvey to ALF. Granted, I have been furry for 20 years, but Nov 24 was the opening of the floodgates that triggered my re-evaluation of life and pointed me down the path on which I now walk. Life change is a hard thing, as my emotional rollercoaster has shown me. So good. Cue the Grateful Dead. "I may be going to Hell in a bucket, baby. But at least I'm enjoyin' the ride."

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