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Stupid early bird!

I have noticed a trend in the fandom. When you tell folks the con starts on a Thursday, LOTS of folks show up on Wednesday. This has been the case at AC, FC, and MFF. At FC you would swear the con started on Wed night! I guess that's not yet the case here at FWA. I got here a day early so I could chill with some of the other early birds. Well, if I could FIND any early birds! This morning I hung out in the lobby for a few hours and saw MAYBE a dozen furs walk by, and I bet 90% of them were staff. I walked around the hotel, walked across the street for lunch at Ruby Tuesdays, walked around the neighborhood, came back to the lobby, and there were even FEWER furs. WTF! It's after 2! I'm hoping things will pick up greatly tonight. I'm pissed that I arrived a day early, although it was so nice to have a king bed to myself that I slept a good 10 hours last night.

Oh well. Back to reading LJ and waiting for the bar to open.
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