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The Real FWA report

Here I am, stuck at Hartsfield because my flight leaves so late. I can't even check in because they won't do it greater than 4 hours from departure. Wankers!

So overall the con was good. You already know my general feelings from the previous post. It was very nice, however, to have lots of good one-on-one interaction with a handful of friends. In that way the con was a great success. Whenever I felt myself getting lonely or cranky, I would simply put on Honey Bunny and run around con space for a few hours. I probably suited more at this con than at many of the previous cons. I also developed a character trait for the bunny. He's a bunny that's into vore! *LOL* Several times I had carnivores call me "Lunch," so I responded saying "OK! Eat me!" and either tried to climb into their muzzle or flopped onto a table/floor. Usually they ran away scared. I just think a prey species WANTING to be eaten and freaking out the predator is a great schtick. Yes, I know there is a deleted scene from "Brother Bear" that has that concept. I loved it!

Last night was a great dead dog party thrown by badjahsensei. I got to the perfect level of drunk by evening's end and I passed out in a chair. I woke up a short time later and fortunately no one had tea-bagged me nor drew a penis on my face. I still knew where I was and remember everything the next morning. So that's a good thing.

One of the highlights of the evening was spanking Roxy Cat with the Bible. As she was reading her quote she exclaimed, "What a bunch of bullshit!" *LOL* The hotel also had a huge influx of mundanes as many flights got canceled out of Hartsfield. I went down to the lobby in my fox sleeper to do some mingling. I happily explained the fandom to folks who were curious as to why all of the costumed characters were running around. All of the mundanes thought it was wonderfully bizarre. Oh the stories they will be telling the folks once they eventually reach their destinations!

berin once commented to me that it was the little private moments with friends at cons that made the con worthwhile. Once again, he was proved correct. It was nice to have conversations with friends over memorable meals, be it breakfast at Waffle House or Indian food at a little hole-in-the-wall place just a couple of miles from the hotel. I had some pretty amazing meals at this con with the added spice of good companionship.

So yes, it is a very nice con. It's pretty amazing that they broke the 1000 attendee mark after only 5 years. All signs are pointing to a new hotel next year. That's be nice. If Kitty can get away, I might check it out again next year with her along.
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