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Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On!

Geology! Yay!

Nevada got hit with a M=6.0 earthquake this morning. HERE is the data from the USGS. I hear there is quite a bit of damage in the little town of Wells near the epicenter. There have been reports that it was felt as far away as Boise and Salt Lake City. That's pretty impressive for a Basin and Range quake. It also makes me pause and reflect about my own seismic vulnerability here in ABQ. There have been no historic quakes of any note here, but the entire Rio Grande Valley is part of a rift valley. Very large but infrequent quakes have been known to happen in rift valleys. New Madrid is a failed rift valley, and there have been M=7 quakes in Egypt which is the same type of system. While it would be geologically cool to experience something like that, we definitely don't have the codes like California, so I'm sure the destruction would be massive.
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