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Here We Go Again

The other day I decided to check the job situation out there. Lo and behold but there was a hydrologist position open in Sacramento (or as ursuscal calls it, Suckumento). I know I applied for a job there a couple of years ago. It's a fairly large office and there are several positions for water people since the Central Valley Project is one of the largest water projects in the entire country. Ever since getting turned down for the management position in this office I have started re-thinking my career strategy. Do I really want to end up in management or do I want something else? I have come to the conclusion that I want something else. I want to go back to my original thinking that I had several years ago. I want to become an expert in western water. I want to have experience in several major river basins and retire with a good overall knowledge of how things are over a vast region. Perhaps that would make me in demand when I retire and will then be sought after by other governmental agencies or environmental groups. Maybe I'll write a book. *LOL* So to pursue my goal, I need to check out other basins. As I mentioned, the Central Valley Project is a massive entity which would give me great experience in water delivery to a huge population and some of the most productive agricultural land in the world.

I've just completed my 9th year here on the Rio Grande. There is still a lot to learn, but I have certainly become the expert in this office on this river system. It feels like I don't know all that much, but when someone asks me a technical question and I start rattling off all of the potential pitfalls and all of the issues that might arise, I amaze myself at my knowledge base. It makes me feel good to watch the eyes of the person who asked the question start to glaze over as they get overwhelmed by all of the complexities that must be considered.

So there is the conflicting interest: Stay put and truly become an expert in a small basin or move on and become an not-necessarily-know-it-all expert in a large region. Both have their benefits and both have their pitfalls. There is no right answer except what would be right in my own mind. In my own mind I like the idea of spending 9 years on another basin and then perhaps another 9 in some other basin. That would take me to 61 and retirement. I could live with that. I know most of you are probably staring at that last sentence going WTF!?! Yup, when you get old you start thinking out into the future like that. It's a bit scary, but it's something that needs to be done.

So I know I've been down this road before, but here we go again! I'm applying for this position from a position of power. I can take it or leave it. If I get it, ok, a new chapter will open up and there will be lots to learn. If I don't get it, ok, there's still lots to learn here. Life will go on. That's a very comfortable position to be in.
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