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All That Jazz

Hmmmm. I guess no boycott for me. Normally I read about 125 posts in the morning. Today I read 100. SO I guess it's not all that effective. I guess I'll see tomorrow morning when I read LJ again.

Last night Kitty and I went to a Duke Ellington Orchestra concert. Sir Duke has been dead for over 30 years, but his band still tours and performs his works. So in a sense it's a tribute show, but some of the band members probably performed with him when he was still alive. It was a really nice show. He wrote some of the standards of jazz including "Take the A-Train" and "Caravan." I really enjoy just sitting back and listening to talented musicians do what they do best.

During the show I started thinking about my own relationship with jazz. Some of my earliest recollections about music were all jazz related. I fell in love with the soundtrack from "A Charlie Brown Christmas" at a very young age. My parents didn't have too many jazz albums, but I was always playing the few Herb Alpert records they had. Even when I started listening to rock, I loved the groups like Steely Dan that incorporated a lot of jazz into their songs. I think the first cd I bought to try out my new player in 1988 was the Tonight Show Band with Doc Severenson.

So I really love jazz, but I don't tend to buy a lot of it. I'd say in my collection of 1000+ cds, less than 10% are jazz. I know the big names and would know a standard if I heard it, but it's not the same as, say, alternative rock where I can rattle off title and artist of many songs from the 80's and 90's. Maybe I'm just a little intimidated by jazz. I always sensed a little pretentiousness in people who really like it. I remember having a cd signed by a jazz performer who I had heard playing live in Chicago. He started rambling off all of these other musicians he had played with and made it seem like I should have known all of them. *shrugs* Maybe it's the same for all music genres.

I had another post all lined out in my head during the concert. I'll save that for another day. I don't want to be too much of a scab for crossing over the LJ picket line.
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