Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Suit Commission Fun

I hinted in a previous post that I am looking at commissioning what I would consider MY ULTIMATE FURSUIT! What I am paying is probably very comparable to a very good LV, Scribble, or Arend Studios, but this person is a professional mascot maker and not a furry. This caused me a little heartburn because I didn't know his reputation. Would he take the money and run? Would he promise the Moon and deliver an asteroid? It's one thing to ask for a resume, but it's another for that resume to be the truth. I HAVE seen one of his suits in person, but how would he deliver on my concept?

I got a bit nervous when I went to check out his website and found nothing but broken links. I asked for some detailed pics of one of his creations, but he didn't have any. Now I know most fursuit makers usually take TONS of pics of their creations. I found it odd that he had so few. I also realized that all of our contacts have been on a first-name basis. Geez! I'm so used to using furry names and relying on the company name that I never bothered to ask his full name. I got more nervous. I decided to try a little search with Google.

Using his company's name I found an article from a high school paper that described their new mascot suit that was commissioned from him. The article had his name! I Googled his name and found some old newspaper articles. One was about the infamous mascot incident where a baseball player hit a mascot sausage during a Brewers game. The person that was interviewed was my fursuit maker. Why was he interviewed? Because he was the mascot for the Pittsburgh Pirates! OK. I was much more at ease. This was no fly-by-night operation. Here was a person that knew what it was like to actually perform. In a later article it mentioned that he was also a mascot for the NHL. Hmmmmm! Perhaps he's a rival to a certain dog I know! So now my mind is at ease. I'll hopefully have something completely awesome in about a month. That was another major selling point. I wouldn't have to wait months or years to get a suit. Hopefully the new suit will debut at Rocky Mountain!
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