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Natural History Post

Spring has finally sprung, and temps are regularly now hovering in the 60 to 70 degree range during the day. That means that life is slowly starting to return to the mesa. I thought I would start to put down some observations here in LJ so that 5-10 years from now I can see if there is a change in timing of certain events. I know someone posted a comment last year that there is actually a name for this. I'm too lazy to go back and look.

On Friday I noticed the first lizard of the year in the yard. Mom also noticed them slinking in and out of the railroad ties that make up the landscaping.

On Saturday I noticed the first active ant hills up on the mesa. Great. The yard should soon be infested with the little bastards. Hopefully I can keep them outside.

On Sunday my botanist sister noticed green plants on the slope up to the mesa. She was surprised to find that some looked like they were ready to flower. They certainly aren't wasting time! We were also surprised to find out that the plant was some sort of tuber. She wanted to take one home with her to identify it, and when we dug down there was a tuber that looked like a cross between a carrot and a yam. It must have laid dormant over the Winter. We'll really have to identify it to see if it's edible.

I guess I should also mention that the doves have been getting very yiffy as of late. We were making MST3K comments as one dove put on a display for his prospective mate. After about 5 minutes of dancing around with fluffed out feathers and puffed out chest, it was mountin' time! There should be little baby doves in a few weeks!
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