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Curious George

So Kitty and I just finished watching "Curious George" courtesy of Netflix. If you haven't seen it, you should definitely rent it. If you looked in the dictionary under the word "cute," there would be a reference to this movie. It's very simple. There is no deep meaning to be found. It's just a damn cute movie. We watched "Doogle" several months ago which was also definitely geared towards very young children, but it left us kind of flat. It was almost TOO childlike. This had just the right mix to make it enjoyable for adults as well. OK. Granted. The furry factor once again played a major role in me giving this film a big thumbs up. And yes, there even is a fursuiter in it. And while watching the credits, I noticed the name of one person who is on my Friends List. Great job!

The soundtrack was also full of awesome. Not since "Over the Hedge," where most of the songs were done by Ben Folds, has there been such a cohesive set of music. This time done by Jack Johnson. Here is the music video included on the dvd for the hit song "Upside Down". It's as catchy as the move is cute.
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