Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Weekend Stuff

It must have been a good weekend because I turned old LJ off for most of it.

Saturday was spent welcoming thrashbear to Fur Central. We all then headed over to a party hosted by thechick and chucklemagne. The theme was "Mexican Pirates" so I covered both basis and wore a parrot fursuit. I would have stayed in suit most of the time, but I kept getting "feathers" in the salsa. I also ended up with a blob of melted cheese on the front. *facepaws* It was a great time hanging out with friends and drinking lots of Mexican beer. I was also surprised by an early birthday cake which made me happy.

On Sunday I took TBear shopping for wood. I wanted a shelving unit that would fit perfectly under our stairs mainly for dvd storage. I also wanted it hinged so we could still store stuff behind it. After spending a lot of time running around Lowes and dropping around $200, we headed on home so he could get to work. Many thanks to scritchwuff for loaning his brother's electric saws to us! ari_foxy showed up a little later to watch the "Hells Kitchen" rerun with us before we all headed off to Olive Garden for dinner. By the time I got home, all I wanted to do was pass out even though it was barely past 8. I guess a belly full of shrimp and pasta as well as half a bottle of lambrusco would do that to you.

I found out this morning that I have been rejected from the Sacramento job once again. Oh well. I stepped up to the batter's box again and fired off a resume to our Carson City, NV office. Let's see if this one pans out any better. I just have to stop being so brutally honest in the interviews. "Do you like to take on other tasks that would help the office?" "Only if they're fun!" Yeah. Bad answer.

Anyways...I'll be heading off to Chama in a couple of hours to do another public meeting tonight. Boss man wanted to drive right back afterwards which would put us home by 10. While claiming 5 hours of OT would be nice for some, I would much rather just crash in a cheap motel and drive back tomorrow morning.
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