Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Trip to The Canyon

As part of my birthday present, Kitty gave me a trip to the Grand Canyon on the Grand Canyon Railway. Yeah. I'm a train nut. There was supposed to be a surprise that albear and dexter_fox were going to meet us, but Kitty can't keep a secret to save her life. The cat was out of the bag a few weeks ago. That's ok. As long as we all got together for a nice weekend together. The Canyon is just about the half way point between ABQ and LA.

We met up in Flagstaff on Friday night. We had a very nice dinner at a brewpub although Al wasn't feeling all that great after eating a bad burger for lunch. We then headed back to our motel where we got our drink on. The next day we headed off to Williams to pick up the train. We wandered around downtown a bit and took in the hokey wild West show they put on for the train tourists. Our accommodations on the train were "luxury class" which meant we had comfy lounge-type seats, continental breakfast, and access to the open-air observation deck at the back of the train. Throughout the trip there were roving musicians and cowboy performers. Once again, it was hokey, but a nice touch for the tourists.

We only had a few hours at the Canyon itself, but that was ok since we were there less than 2 years ago when scruff_e_coyote and myself fursuited there. We just walked along the rim for about a mile. Since it was a Saturday there were lots of people. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, but the visibility was pretty crappy. I guess that's pretty much status quo these days. After our brief hike we stopped for a simple lunch at a snack bar. I had a memorable wildlife encounter when a squirrel tried to run off with my potato chips. The little bastard only managed to make off with a couple of chips. He paid the price, however, because I had bought jalapeño chips. *LOL* Al got a pic of a woman who was actually eating an ice cream cone and sharing it with another squirrel. Ewwwww!

The train ride back was nice and relaxing thanks to the on-board bar. There was a mock train robbery which was kinda cute (and hokey!). I upset one of the actors by asking in a very flamey voice if he knew where Brokeback Mountain was, and if so, could I join his gang. I also was very impressed with the marshal's "big gun." Well! They had told us to play along! *grins*

After we returned we hit up the local Holiday Inn where there was a steak house. It was pretty good! We took comfort in the fact that a lot of the locals were eating there. It was then back to our motel for more drinking and silliness.

On Sunday we had breakfast at Denny's and then said our goodbyes. Kitty and I were kept amused on the way back to ABQ with really interesting interviews with various comedians on the XM Comedy channel. So it was a wonderful weekend spent with great friends in a beautiful location. Who could ask for anything more?!? Oh, and here's a few pics.



The train ride up

At the rim

Quotes of the weekend:
"It looks like you just got back from a glory hole!"
"Crush! Crush!"
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