Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Walkie Horror Picture Show

Like every other night I took Mesa for walkies tonight. He was happily running all around investigating scents like a dog should when given the freedom to run off-leash. I, too, was happily walking along enjoying the relatively non-windy day. At some point I decided to reach back and praise Mesa for being such a good dog by staying on a "heel" command without even being told. He was right in back of me off to my left side in a perfect heel. When I looked back at him ready to give him pats on the head I noticed that he had something in his mouth. I immediately stopped and so did he. Now Mesa is a bit of a fecalphile in that I have caught him in the past with a large turd or pair of soiled underwear in his mouth. This time, however, it looked like a stick. He immediately dropped it, and I went to investigate what he had found. At first it looked like a stick. Then I saw that it looked like it had feathers. Oh! So it was a sparrow or a scaled quail. Nope. That looked like fur as opposed to feathers. Well, he HAD caught a baby bunny before. Perhaps it was another one. Upon closer inspection, it really didn't look like a baby bunny, although it had similar characteristics. I grabbed a stick and began prodding it. Finally I realized what he had found. It was a bunny head. Now I don't think he was the one who actually killed it. I think that he found part of a coyote kill and picked up one of the bits that remained behind. I was a bit miffed at him for picking up a bit of dead bunny since he has been trained to NOT pick up bits of food that might be found on the ground. On the other paw, I was a bit amused to find my dog with a slobber-coated bunny head in his mouth. All I know is that he won't be giving me any kisses tonight. BLEAH!
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