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Movies Movies Movies!

Kitty and I joined the hoards to go see the first blockbuster of the Summer season, "Iron Man." I'm not one to care a great deal about superhero movies, but this one did a really good job of bringing comic book storytelling to the screen. I know almost nothing about the Marvel universe except what has been brought to the screen. I actually liked the character of Tony Stark and his portrayal by Robert Downey Jr. So the movie worked for me. I had a fun ride and didn't have to suspend reality too much. Also, there wasn't a lot of sappy romance which ruined the Spiderman series for me. So it did everything a Summer blockbuster should do.

One thing we didn't realize until the credits was that Peter "Christmas Story" Billingsly was in the movie. Now we have to see it again to figure out which character he was.

On checking up on the upcoming "Hulk," we noticed that Robert Downey Jr is also in that one playing Tony Stark. Interesting!

We also saw a poster for the movie "Tropic Thunder" which also stars Robert Downey Jr. I was a bit puzzled because there was a black guy under his name. It seems that he plays an actor who had a race change to portray black characters better. Weird! And judging from the forums on the IMDB, that's kicking up a shitstorm of controversy. Then again, the Internet is SERIOUS BUSINESS!!1!

We also finally saw "Underworld" on dvd. Wow. It goes on our short list of 0-1 star movies. It will happily reside with "Ultraviolet." By 15 minutes we were making comments about how awful it was. By 30 minutes we were MST3K'ing it. By 90 minutes we were praying for it to end. Only the promise of transformation scenes kept us going (as opposed to Ultraviolet where I pulled the plug before 60 minutes).

Another dud from the weekend was "Mission to Mars" which was on one the movie channels. What the hell was Brian de Palma thinking?!? What a schmaltzy flick with a horrible soundtrack. "2001" it ain't!

And that's Sabot's movie reviews. Until next week...the balcony is closed.
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