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Just a Little Lube? Please?

Over the past few weeks there have been a few folks on my Friends List that have had run-ins with the law. They were 100% innocent but could basically do nothing because the cops were the cops. Who are you going to fight against? You raise a stink that you have done nothing, but it doesn't matter in the short run. If they feel like hauling your ass to jail, guess what? You're going to jail! You are really in a position of total helplessness when faced against a nameless, faceless bureaucracy. I'm beginning to experience a similar sense of dread.

The other day the IRS sent me a nice letter. I thought it had something to do with my refund check. Oh I wish! It was essentially an audit of my 2006 taxes. My loyal readers may remember that year because I was pulling out my fur trying to figure out how to deal with an inheritance from my father. If I simply included it with my income, I would have owed several thousand dollars. I also thought this was totally unfair because it was a gift to me from him. If this had been cash in a bank account, it would have simply rolled over to my name. Since this was a retirement plan, it had to be handled differently. It took a long time to find the proper form, but I did! Everything seemed to check out. The amount of tax I would have owed was just about what the company withheld. Everything seemed just fine. And then things changed a bit.

My refund check that year was a little bigger than anticipated. Hmmmm. It seems that they totally ignored that tax form and didn't charge me for it. Wow. I guess I didn't have to fill out anything after all! Oh well. They know what they are doing. They have big computers and shit. I thought everything was hunky-dory until I opened the letter. It said that there was a mistake on my 2006 taxes. A BIG MISTAKE! You owe us several thousand dollars! Oh, and since you screwed up, we're tacking on a couple MORE thousand dollars! Mwaah haa haa!

So now I'm facing a giant faceless bureaucracy. To hire a lawyer might add even more to my loss. I'll contact an accountant who helped me with my dad's estate and see if she can help me. I'm almost starting to believe that they simply lost my form because in re-reading the instructions on the form, I followed everything to the letter. But this whole thing is just a slap in the face to me. I think I ranted about this back in those days of 2006 that the tax code is just so unbelievably complicated that the average Joe cannot manage this on his own. And if he can't manage it on his own, then he is forced to pay someone to do it for him lest he screw up and feel the wrath of the bloated giant.

I'm almost tempted to just empty my bank account and send them the money to be done with them, but I'm not willing to give up without even a little fight. If I was wrong, I'll take my lumps.

EDIT: OK, the accountant has been called, but was not in. I am seriously starting to believe that this was due to some chimp at the IRS who entered my data. They decided to dogpile on a few other "errors" that they found. I just reviewed a copy of my tax return and they are full of shit! The numbers they are claiming I entered are entirely FALSE! It looks like data-entry error to me e.g. they claim I entered $1 instead of $11. Nope! It says $11 on my form! They say I entered a $5 instead of a $9. No way! Sounds like someone's finger slipped. Oh yeah! It's ON now! My fear has really turned to anger!
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