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I love it how a day can suddenly take turns for the better when you least expect it. I came home yesterday afternoon and immediately got on the phone to Marylen to order my new polar bear suit. I talked with Linda, their customer service rep, for quite some time. She remembered me from all of my emails I sent when deciding to buy Sabot. I mentioned that I thought I recognized one of their suits in "Grumpier Old Men." Yup. It was one of theirs. She then started rattling off all of the t.v. shows and movies where their fursuits have appeared. There will be a movie coming out soon about a guy that works as a muskrat mascot in a theme park. I also mentioned to her that the paper mache around my neck had been damaged when I sweated up a storm during the fursuit dance at AC. She said it would be no problem to fix. So I'll have to ship Sabot back to them after Balloon Fiesta.

While talking to her on my land line, I get a call from tenax on my cell phone. Like last week, he was in town for a meeting and wanted to stop by for a visit. Not just yes, but HELL YES!" He shows up about 20 minutes later and I answer the door in my raccoon head. He really likes it, so I ask if he would like to try on the entire fursuit. I could see that he was thrilled, so I help him suit up. It was his first fursuiting experience. Outside of the initial shock of the sweat and difficulty breathing, I would say that it was a magical experience for him. Well, he is a raccoon after all. It was also great for me to receive a hug from my own fursuit. I have heard that many fursuiters treat their suits like a sacred thing, to be worn ONLY by them. I can understand that feeling completely, but to me it is more important to me to be able to share my love of fursuiting with as many people as I can. If I can let that person experience the same joy and magic that I feel, then I've done a good thing. As I posted a few days ago, even I am thrilled almost beyond words when I can try on a new and different suit. Oh! I also donned the raccoon suit so that Tenax could shoot a few pix of me. Here is one.

We both take Anubis for his walkies. As we're strolling along the dirt road I just happen to look down and freeze in my tracks. There's a small snake in the track. The head is an unmistakable triangle shape. I look at the tail and notice 2 little nobs. Yup, baby rattlesnake. I get a stick and try to pick it up. Tenax wisely moves far away from me. I just want to get it off the road so it doesn't get squished. Here I have been walking up on the mesa for 4 years and I have seen only 3 rattlers, all in the past 3 months. I hope I catch the tarantula migration again. Last year I found several of them in the span of a couple of days. Then nothing.

After the walkies Tenax said he would treat me to dinner, so we headed out to the Flying Star restaurant for red snapper with green chili and a hunk of coconut cream pie for me and a huge chocolate eclaire for Tenax. We then headed back to my place where we said or goodbyes until the furmeet next weekend.

I did manage a few chats as well. It looks like dexter_fox may have also been bitten by the fursuit bug. Mwuaaa Haaa Haaa. One of us! One of us! Big nuzzles to hoofdahorse, mr_silvers, and furrysparkles. And a BIG bear hug to my sweetie albear who was drunk again, but it's always good to get phone call from him. Thanks for hosting my coon pic.

OMG! I just heard on the radio that Robert Palmer died!!! And here I used one of his songs as my LJ title yesterday. *cries*
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