Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Thanks, Scritch!

Our local weekly furmeet was held at scritchwuff's place last night. Lots of great food, great friends, and good booze towards the end of the evening. I was just bummed that I had to leave "early" since tonight was a work day. Bleh! There will be no furmeet next week. Well, I guess there will technically be one since almost the entire New Mexico contingency will be up in Denver for Rocky Mountain Furcon. Whoot! It should be great times! I'm really missing Califur this year. So to all of my SoCal buds, have a drink for me! Kitty and I will hopefully be hopping on an Amtrak to see all of you in June for the SoCal picnic.

With Megaplex back in Orlando in 2009, we're definitely considering going along with tacking on a Disney vacation. But Florida in July?!? Yikes! I'll be praying for a calm hurricane season!
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