Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

RMFC '08 Con Report

From the post I made while at the con a few days ago, you hopefully got the feeling that I was having a rather good time at this con. This would have been a correct assumption. This was the 2nd RMFC I have attended and the 2nd time I have had one of the best times at a con that I can remember. It's still a small con, but with a growth rate of 50% from last year, plus what appears to have been a rather dismal Califur the week before, I can forecast that this con may grow considerably next year. In terms of location only AC can remotely come close. The Denver hotel is right in the heart of nice trendy downtown with everything from restaurants to liquor stores to movie theaters all withing easy walking distance from the hotel. The hotel is a nice swanky Hyatt that didn't treat us like outcasts. In fact, they welcomed us with open paws. Any breakdowns in the system were handled quickly and professionally. Screw ups were made right with generous compensation. There was a Lutheran convention also taking place at the hotel, and they loved the furries. It took me almost 15 minutes to pry myself away from a tour group from South America where everyone wanted pics of the big fuzzy fursuiter.

The highlights were numerous from the most incredible fursuit parade to the awesome experiences of guerrilla fursuiting outings. My panel on guerrilla fursuiting was well attended, and I believe that everyone had fun traveling across the street to get pics with the big blue bear as well as interact with folks who were there for a graduation ceremony. The fursuit parade down the 16th Street Mall was just crazy as over 30 suiters (and about that same number or more of handlers and photographers) made their way down the mall to the World Trade Center where last year's group picture was also taken. There was also a large art festival going on which added to the fun. A group of us had no problems interacting with the fair, but I heard that one group was asked to leave by security. Perhaps it was just one over-zealous rent-a-cop. *shrugs* One of the high points was hitting up the Coyote Ugly bar with Yippie Coyote and Scruff E Coyote. We had no idea how well we would be received, but one of the rules of guerrilla fursuiting is that you fursuit first and ask questions later. Get in, get pictures, get out. If you're welcomed, you'll have a great time. If you're not wanted, you still have your pics and you can leave with your objectives still met. In this case, we were warmly welcomed by the staff. In one of the classic furry moments, the song that was playing on the juke box as we walked in was "The Bad Touch" by the Bloodhound Gang (You and me, baby, ain't nothin' but mammals so let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel). Seriously, the hostesses/bartenders were just freaking out (in a good way) as we danced around. It was one of many memorable fursuit outings at this con. This con should become a mecca for fursuiters willing to take the risk of leaving the nice safe confines of a con hotel and spreading the love to the public. We were asked many many times what it was all about and always received positive feedback.

Meals at the con were wonderful affairs. Groups of us hit up such places as The Delectable Egg (where they LOVED us) for breakfast, The Cheesecake Factory, Wahoos Fish Tacos, and The Old Spaghetti Factory where they had a performer walking around making balloon creations for the patrons. I ended up with a very cute pair of pink balloon bunny ears which I proudly wore through the streets of Denver. *lol*

The con overall is going through growing pains which is more like an infant taking it's first steps. There are things that need improving, but they are things that a larger attendance could help. The art show and dealers' den were both small, but that was a good thing. Where else can you score a Dark Natasha original for $25 and also easily obtain con badges from her. The charity auction would be better with more donated items as well as people to bid on them, but there was still a good showing. I was very happy to volunteer my services as a runner to show off the items up for bid. I'm sure as attendance increases so will the number of panels and events.

What more can I say? Hopefully my enthusiasm for this con is evident in this post. I normally don't write this much after a con. The number of pictures taken was also extremely high which suggests that there was a lot of memorable stuff to photograph. It was also nice to have chill room parties where the con chair and a good portion of the executive staff show up and enjoy beverages with you. So I will definitely be going back next year especially after finding out I won a raffle for a free registration for next year's con. I encourage folks who are looking for something a little different to give this con a try. I doubt that you would leave disappointed.

And now...PICS!

Attendees of the Guerrilla Fursuiting panel!

The Sunday Morning Fursuit "Parade"

The Yote Brothers, Scruff E(l) and Yippee(r)

Where else would you find coyotes?!?

Others critters like to have a drink as well!

Ari Foxy, Kiteless, and Nevermint getting ready for the parade

The Faux Paw Roo Studios photo shoot

Bunny meets bunny! (The artist loved Honey Bunny!)

The Guerrilla Fursuiting Panel Attendees at the Big Blue Bear

Kitty, Sphinx Fox, and Char at the Big Blue Bear

Goofing around on the 16th St Mall

Nevada makes a new friend, or is it a snack for later?

Sabot and Boscoe get ready to share a romantic dinner
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