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The Raccoon in Me

First, I would like to welcome kookyfox to my little daily dose of drivel. I was surfing friends' friends yesterday when I saw his name. I loved the artwork he had posted in his LJ. I had bought a wonderful print of his at AC with a bear wrestling a fox.

Last night really sucked. I want to say I unleashed my raccoon side. Now, this isn't really fair to say, because it makes it sound like I'm attaching many of my bad qualities to Abbey while giving most of my good qualities to Sabot. It just seems to me that the charcter known as Sabot is much more empathic while Abbey, who is still nice, will tend to cut and run if there is no shiney involved. Anyway, I get an IM from my sister. She wants to know if I put the fear of doG into her asshole ex-boyfriend. I told her "no." She then starts up on how I'm abandoning her in her hour of need since he is still being an asshole. I snapped. I unloaded on her on how she has fucked up her own life so many times that I am sick of having to deal with the messes she created herself. She logged off immediately. So then I was upset and pissed, both at myself and her. I took it out on other people I was chatting with. I also brought out the bottle to calm myself down and to help me forget. I really hate those Friday and Saturday nights alone. I'm still working on it. Now matter how much it appears to suck, it is 100x better than a year ago.

On a brighter note, I'm typing this from Wildlife West. It's a gorgeous day. I'm feeling a little better. I modeled Abbey for Terry, the manager's wife, and she absolutely loved it. I'll hang out here for most of the afternoon and then head home. Hopefully dabber will show up tonight so I won't be alone. *hugs* to y'all.
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