Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

The "Real" Sabot

I was thinking about the new suit the other day and how it reflected the "real" Sabot. I realized that it was not like my character at all. Sabot the character is an anthro-bear who would walk around like Yogi. He would speak and act human. That's how I envisioned the character. My original Sabot fursuit would probably best represent my character. The new suit would best represent another side of me. It embraces my fantasy of transformation. You're human and then *bam* you're an animal. You're essentially trapped in a foreign form. You are fully aware of your condition, but you are no longer human. Of course when I was studying Greek mythology in school I was turned on by the story of Callisto who was turned into a bear by Diana (or Hera). Oh how I longed to live in mythological Greece!

I guess that I find it easier to identify with my various characteristics with a single character of various forms. Geez. I sound like I'm god with the father, son, and holy spirit all representing the whole. No, it's nothing deep like that. I just like the fact of having several sub-characters representing various segments of my personality. Perhaps if I get another suit it would be a large plushie bear. While Nevada is nice and snuggly and I use him for that aspect of me, I would still like to transform into a cuddly toy always available for hugs and comfort.
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