Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

The Most Fabulous Furry Weekend!

It don't get much more furry than this! *explodes from furry overload*

Friday was our company picnic. Since it was being held up at a picnic ground in the national forest, I decided to debut the new quad suit. I had a co-worker be my handler just so I wouldn't get shot or hit in the muzzle with a shovel or something. I suited up in the parking lot while his daughter stayed with the rest of the people, video camera at the ready to capture the response. Unfortunately she went to the Cloverfield/Blair Witch school of cinematography so the resulting video is extremely shaky. The new suit is wonderful, but it really tests my stamina. Temps were right around 80, and intense sun on black fur is a very bad thing. For one of the few time since I started suiting, I had to do an emergency bail out. Fortunately I had not made it to the group yet so there was no "D.T.I." (destroying the illusion) moment. It's very easy to over-exert oneself in the suit, and with limited ventilation, it's the fursuit equivalent to water-boarding. I re-gained my composure and performed for my co-workers. Everyone loved the suit especially the kids. Here I thought they would be afraid, but I was poked, prodded, smacked, hugged, kissed, etc. A little 1-year old thought I was about the coolest thing she had ever seen in her short life. I'm sure someone was taking pics, so watch LJ for a post soon!

On Saturday it was the Albu-FUR-que furmeet and Pride parade. The parade was in the morning while the furmeet was in the afternoon/evening. The parade was nothing short of spectacular! Everyone LOVED the furries! There were 4 of us suiting including myself in Nevada, scruff_e_coyote in Zunipup, scritchwuff in his new suit, and gamegoth in his creation. Of course there were also the drivers, and we all had our handlers. All along the 2.3-mile long parade route we were pounced by dozens of people all wanting pics and hugs. Everyone was in such a great mood! At one point we held up the parade for about 4 blocks since it seemed that everyone wanted a picture or a hug. We had to bail out onto our pick-up "float" and catch up with the parade before once again hitting the crowds with the same result. I was loved by bears and twinkie boys who loved bears. I just can't say enough about the whole vibe. There were several shouts of "CSI!" as well as "Yay! Furries!" and even one, "Oh! Is that your fetish?" *facepaws* Even though my tail was dragging by the time we got to the end, my spirit was just soaring.

After the parade we headed back to Fur Central for showers, food, and beer. The furmeet soon began, and by the end of the evening, over 30 furs (and fur-friends) had shown up to partake in the festivities. There was much noshing on hamburgers, corn dogs, pizza, chicken nuggets, chips, salsa, dips, etc. Many folks got a little tipsy including myself after people demanded to try my famous martinis. There was a bit of drunken drama by evening's end, but for the most part, everyone had a wonderful time. I found myself waking up in a princess dress at 2 a.m. *LOL*

Sunday was a wind-down day with a little bit of furriness. A small group of us decided to take in "Kung Fu Panda" at the theater. It was a very nice movie. Definitely 2 paws up!

And or it didn't happen!

Looks like Miracle picked up some fanboys!

Not to be outdone, Nevada attracts his own group of Latin Fanboys

Taking a break and catching up with the parade

I like to call this one "The Hug"

Our "float"

Zuni a.k.a. Scruff E makes a new friend!

This pic says it all for me! FUN!

Miracle enjoying the parade

There will be more pics in the days to come.
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