Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

I'd Be a Fool Not To

I have been asked by winchell and others if I would take the Carson City job if it were offered to me. A week ago I may have hesitated some because I really kinda like ABQ and there is always the fear of the unknown. After seeing the location and meeting with the people, a lot of fear was erased. I also found out some financial things that I would be a damn fool if I turned down the job. First, Nevada has no state income tax. That alone would save me a few thousand dollars a year. Second, since C.C is closer to Lake Tahoe than to Reno, there is a locality pay increase involved. That adds a couple more thousand to the salary. Third, the position IS a promotion if I perform satisfactorily for a year. So in other words there would be about a 15% pay bump. Not too shabby! The cost of living doesn't seem to be all that different between here and there, so that would be a realized gain.

If I do get the job, I can honestly say that being furry helped. Even during the second interview they were bringing up the fact that they thought it was so cool that I play Otto the Otter. I stressed the fact that if hired, I would do everything I could to get the character to their office.

In other news, Kitty and I will be hopping on the Southwest Chief today and heading to LA. We should be at the SoCal picnic tomorrow. Amtrak is having a hell of a time with the flooding along the Mississippi, but they assured me that our train will be on time today. Hope to see some of you there. Look for a "Wow cool! I'm making an LJ post from the train" post either tonight or tomorrow morning.
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