Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Posting from the Train Again

Kitty and I are back on Amtrak heading to ABQ. This time our train was only 5 minutes late. We spent an incredibly wonderful weekend with albear and dexter_fox. Saturday was the SoCal Fur-B-que where we had a wonderful afternoon chatting, eating, and playing boccie ball. Sunday was spent at the beach near Malibu. I love swimming in the ocean especially when the surf is just enough to make things fun. We arrived early which was a very good thing because by the time we left around 1, the line into the parking lot was close to a mile long. Today we chilled with Al since Dex had to work. We hit the Bat Cave near Griffith Park, the Travel Town Museum, and the LA Zoo. Once Dex got home we all hopped on the LA Subway which took us right to Union Station.

The train is packed! When I checked the status today it showed that not even coach seats were available. We lucked out and got one of the 2 seats in coach with an electrical outlet. I had to figure out how to swing the seat out to get access to it, but I be a smart bear. So we'll have Interwebs for most of the ride home.

Pics will be coming soon. It was yet another epic weekend. I need a weekend of just pure vegetation soon!
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