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"The Atomic Cafe"

Yup! I watched another documentary today courtesy of Netflix online. This was one that came out just as I was entering college. It was a campus movie several times, but I never went. It was very appropriate for the time since this was the era of Ronald RayGun and his "we begin bombing in 5 minutes" rhetoric.

It is a very cool movie made up extensively of old civil defense and Department of the Army films of the 40's and 50's which dealt with America entering the nuclear age. It was just incredible what was being dished out to the American public. I would laugh harder, but hearing ads today on the radio for made me realize that nothing has really changed over the past 50 years. Oh, there's nothing wrong with being prepared, I just feel there's an underlying message of promoting fear of which I am tiring.

So if you get a chance to see this film, give it a watch. It gives you insight on a very interesting time in America's past and also makes you think that more things have changed, the more things have stayed the same.

Here! Have a cute little anthropomorphic turtle! Be aware that the clip is 9 minutes long, but highly amusing.

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