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4th of July Furmeet

A few weeks ago Kitty asked what our plans were going to be for the 4th. I just shrugged and said we should throw some steaks on the grill. She suggested we invite a couple of friends over. I said, "Why not just open it up to all of the local furs?" Word was sent and we ended up with a dozen folks. It was a nice mellow event. About the only excitement was having everyone help out in getting a dog run constructed to keep Anubis and Mesa from digging up the new sod. It reminded me of an Amish barn raising. Well, I doubt the Amish would discuss all of the adult activities that one could have in the barn after it was constructed. I would not be surprised to see a portable kennel constructed at a con one of these days. *evil yiffy grin*

Once the kennel was finished there was much nomnomnom'ing of roasted meats. A fireworks display was provided by the neighbors across the street who were launching professional-quality mortars. There was much video gaming, lively conversation, and alcoholic beverage consumption. Good times!

Oh! And if you're coming to the Wall E furmeet tomorrow, we'll meet at the theater at 10:30a. Mongolian BBQ for lunch afterwards (if its open).
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