Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

"WALL E" and other weekend bits

We DID get a small bunch of furs together yesterday to catch an early showing of the latest Pixar creation. I guess I'll have to agree with tilton on this one. While the movie was visually spectacular and it did tug at the heartstrings in places, it wasn't the best out there. I just can't get past the concept of a robot with emotions. Even back to the days of Star Trek:TNG, I couldn't stand it when Data showed any type of emotion. Robots are machines. If the robot was made to interact exclusively with humans, there might be some tendencies to make them more human-like to put the humans more at ease, but to have a trash-compacting robot develop concepts of love, that's just too much of a stretch to me. Heck, I could believe in the brave little toaster or Thomas the Tank Engine more than I could believe in a feeling robot. *shrugs* I guess that's just me. Like I said, it was a beautiful movie to watch full of wonderful little in-jokes like the Apple start-up sounds.

After the movie we all headed over to Red Robin for lunch and good conversation.

BTW, any Salt Lake furs reading this? I will be up there tomorrow evening for a Wednesday meeting.
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