Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

'08 Bear Fair

Bunnies have Easter, bears in New Mexico have the annual Bear Fair. Every year there is an event to make people aware of how to co-exist with bears in the state. I have been suiting this event for a few years now. This year's event was once again held at Wildlife West where I suit quite often. I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to wear the new quad suit. I may have finally come up with a name for him. I'm considering the name "Quewe." I had thought about just plain "Q" but I don't want to confuse him with the Star Trek: TNG character.

This is only the 3rd time I've worn him and I'm gaining performance experience every time I put him on. I have learned that I have to remain calm and relaxed at all times. If my breathing quickens due to exertion, I need to take a break from moving immediately. I followed this plan and was able to perform for almost a half hour. A new limitation cropped up, however. I can just stay on the hand stilts for just so long before fatigue sets in. It's yet a new limitation I must learn to overcome.

The overall response was that of shock and awe. Once again little kids showed very little fear and I was pounced for hugs (even though I can't hug back.) The sponsor of the fair thought it was just incredible. The manager of Wildlife West and his wife were blown away by the suit. There were a group of Native Americans doing bear-related dances, and they thought I was just the coolest thing. I think they even mentioned how it must be a spiritual experience to actually become a bear like that. I have to agree!

After my 30 minute performance I decided to put on Sabot and run around as an anthro bear. It's very telling how hot and cumbersome Quewe is when putting on Sabot feels like putting on shorts and a t-shirt in comparison. I ran around a bit more at the fair and then headed down to see Koshari, the REAL bear. I was given "backstage" privileges like last year. He was really curious about this big fuzzy human. I even got a nose lick this year as well as a paw to the nose when I stuck my muzzle through the fence. There's something very special about getting right up next to such a wonderful creature and exchanging breaths nose to nose. While I would have absolutely loved to see what Koshari's reaction to Quewe would have been, I don't know if I would have had the stamina to make it down the trail to the enclosure. Afterwards I stopped in to say "Hi" to my little raccoon buddy, Oreo. He was the one we got to bottle feed a year or so ago. He was not so happy to see the big brown bear. I elicited the "Grrrr! *POOF*" response from him. He eventually came over for a sniff, but he was not a happy camper.

So that's how I spent my Saturday. Another wonderful suiting adventure in the books. OK, Mr Cougar, you can say it now.

Of course! PICS!

Bear and bear dancer

"Alas, poor Ursus! I knew you well!"

Bear schwag everywhere!


Hey there, little fella! Wanna come out and play "Food Chain?"
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