Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Edgewood Parade

Just to the east of ABQ is the little town of Edgewood. It's the home of Wildlife West where I got my first real fursuiting gigs. The town was one of those on Route 66 that nearly dried up and blew away when the freeway went through. It's now getting reborn as a bedroom community for ABQ if you don't mind a 45-60 minute drive. It's mainly for folks who want to own a little land and still be close to the city.

This year they decided to have a parade to celebrate their Route 66 heritage. My connection at Wildlife West is a shrewd businessman and he had the parade end at the park where there would be other festivities throughout the day and weekend. It was nice to be actually asked to fursuit for them in the parade as well as have me ask my other furry friends if they would also like to participate. So a group of 6 suiters and one handler/photographer participated in the parade.

It was a small parade. The city doesn't really have a true downtown, so there were long stretches where there were no spectators. Since it's a small town, half of the population was probably IN the parade. The route was just over 2 miles long. We had a "covered wagon" in which to ride. The temps were in the upper 70's/lower 80's with a brutal Sun, but there was a wonderful breeze. scritchwuff and I decided to walk more than half the route so we could interact with the crowd. Kitty wore her Kitty suit, necrofox wore my badger suit, ari_foxy wore his bunny suit, and xeltifon entered the realm of fursuiting by wearing my Abbey Raccoon. Everyone had a great time, and our presence was greatly appreciated.

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