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First, as "promised" to a few I chatted with last night

We had a division meeting yesterday. Our acting boss was kind enough to buy pizza for all of us. We had the meeting while narfing down food. It came to a point when he discussed the recent problem we have been having with the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Fur is flying (more on that later). There seems to be a dispute regarding an agreement from 1981. At this point our contracts person explodes. She rants and raves about how out of the loop she is. She cusses and fumes that contract interpretation is HER job and nobody consulted with her. The boss tries to interject but she cuts him off. I try to explain that it was just a difference in interpretation of a few words, but she cuts me off. I don't give her the satisfaction and continue to explain in a calm voice. She may be the contracts person, but this interpretation goes WAY beyond her level. This is policy. She does not make policy. Finally, near screaming, she gathers up her papers and storms out, slamming the door as she goes. I stand up and applaud, saying that was the finest portrayal of a 2-year-old I have ever seen. People hush me saying she might be listening. Who the fuck cares!?! This is the same bitch that has been a thorn in the division for years. She constantly complains that we don't act as a team, and yet when we throw out ideas for team building exercises, guess who doesn't want to do them? We had an awesome exercise a couple of years ago where we played laser tag. Guess who refused to participate. She complains that she doesn't have any work, but when she gets an assignment, she passes it on.

The reason I'm pissed off about the whole thing is that management seems to be accepting it. When she complained that she didn't feel secure because our office might be the target of a psycho ex-employee, she got to work at home. Shit! I'm one of the psycho's targets! I don't feel unsafe! Why does management put up with this shit? I sit in my little cubicle and do my job and don't complain, and I get the shaft. I'm grateful that my bitch of an ex-boss is gone. She probably would have chewed me out for clapping at the display while the ranter got everything she wanted to placate her. This brings up the other part of my rant. You might have seen a post from a few months back where I was denied training because of a "crisis." I was at the fucking airport ready to board my plane when I got called back. Now there is another meeting in Nov for river managers. I don't get to go. Why not? Well, some people haven't gone before. We want to give them a chance. WTF?!? They're not managing a fucking river! I love it when the announcement says, "All are encouraged to attend" and then they say, "Oh! we only have 5 slots." And then they get divided among all divisions. What REALLY pisses me off is that both of these things were on my fucking training plan. Why bother filling one out at the beginning of the year when they'll just be ignored? And now...the BIA.

Even though both the BIA and the BOR are both under Interior, we sometimes don't get along. The Indians are making a demand for water that far exceeds their needs, but they're doing it for political reasons. In this time of drought, we aren't going to give it to them. We will supply them with exactly what they need. Our engineer has bent over backwards to insure that they are well taken care of using the best science available. BIA kowtows to the Indians if they complain. If a farmer can't get water because there isn't enough, that's a problem. If the farmer can't get water because the ditch was flowing when he was at the State Fair, that's his problem. The Indians want full ditches 24/7. That ain't gonna happen. So the BIA "engineer" and our engineer butted heads. The BIA person is named, and I shit you not, Brick Wall. His personality matches his name. So we're sitting in a meeting with him and he's being a totally arrogant SOB. Our assistant office manager is there as well. Brick then starts a personal attack on our engineer. I was just about to get up and leave, it got so bad. Finally our assistant manager speaks up and tells the BIA that we're not going to follow their plan unless they can prove something backed up by numbers. Well, the shit flew up to DC and landed flat on our manager's head. I was amazed when he came into my office with his tail between his legs asking if I thought he had crossed the line. Hell no! I thought he did a great job! He stood up for what was right and protected his own people! Yet, it was he who got chewed out. *sigh* See what I mean. This is fucked up. I should re-read "Catch 22." Now you can see why my motivation is zero. Wow! Quite a little rant, eh?

Last night's chats were a real mixed bag, to say the least. I had very emotional chats with cnipur, berin, and dexter_fox. They were some of the more deep conversations I have had in a long time. All the while I was listening to REM live from Canada over a web broadcast (THANKS Berin!). Mega cool. I was really emotionally drained and went to get my old friend, "El Diablo" rum. Just as I was hitting bottom, I was pounced by hoofdahorse, wyldeside, rockwolf, and Jeff, my dear friend from Canada. They all raised my spirits (and other parts of my anatomy *grin*). I musn't forget furrysparkles who sent me some music files, but I was preoccupied with REM. I think I'm finally back on an upswing. I have Saturday and Sunday to look forward to.

Whoot! More friends from out of the blue! Welcome merashallan to my little world. *bear hug* ALWAYS happy to meet new folks.
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