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Furries, Guns, and Whiskey

Oh my! What a wonderful weekend of camping! There were 5 of us who made it to the Chain of Craters Wilderness Study Area; myself, scritchwuff, ari_foxy, xeltifon, and gamegoth. We set up camp at the base of an old extinct cinder cone as I had planned. It was less than an hour before Scritch cut loose with his assault rifle. It was only a few more minutes before he was blowing shit up with tannerite. Since we were miles from the nearest humans, the explosions simply dissipated into the vast space that surrounded us. Over the course of the next 2 days there were several more large explosions, a few hundred rounds shot off of various calibers, 60 cans of PBR were consumed, 1 bottle of Makers Mark was downed, and the our carbon footprint was made macro-sized by the burning of several hundred pounds of wood which created a fire so hot we could have forged steel.

Sunday was an interesting day in that we decided to make a foray into the closest town of Grants. Using my GPS we navigated a network of ranchers' roads and eventually made it into town after about 2 hours. With supplies in paws we made it back to camp after another 2-hour drive *facepaws*. Yeah. We were way the heck out there! It then proceeded to storm on us all afternoon. This being New Mexico, however, it would pour for about 15-20 minutes and then the Sun would come out for an hour or so before the next storm rolled in. During the rains we would grab beers and sit in the truck chatting and listening to satellite radio.

Overall the trip was a huge success. It was definitely fag camping, however, since we enjoyed coffee in the morning thanks to Scritch's Stabucks French press coffee maker. There were lots of hot dogs cooked on the open fire, steaks in the charcoal grill, and sausage and eggs on the camp stove. The key to good camping is lots of good food and drink! And are worth 1,000 words!

Campsite from the top of the crater

Area to the south from top of crater

Looking up to the top of the crater after a night of drizzle

Deer Beware! Wolf with gun!

Tannerite + high velocity bullet + tree = splinters!

Go ahead! Make my day!

What are you shooting at, Miracle?

Gah! Shoot! Shoot!
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